Manchester United legend George Best died in 2005, aged 59. The cause of his death was said to be complications from the immunosuppressive drugs. He needed to take them after a controversial liver transplant in 2002. All came as a result of alcohol. He was a football genius who never really gave us everything in his career. Today we can only compare him to Lionel Messi. When you look at his videos, you tend to believe he would have gone a step further, but only if he could’ve stayed away from women and alcohol. Let us look at footballers whose careers were in one way or another destroyed completely by alcohol and substance abuse;

6. Mario Balotelli- Present

He is one of the most popular footballers in the World today. However, Balotelli career is going down the drain. Nice wants him to stay but he wants to leave. The problem is that no club is interested in him so far. He signed for AC Milan in 2015 on a season-long loan deal but the conditions in the deal will make you laugh.

In the deal, he was banned from smoking, visiting clubs and extravagant hairstyles. The deal could not save his career either. He wanted to return to Liverpool but Jurgen Klopp did not want him. Nice saved his career but now he wants to leave again. It is a shame that such a talented player is not likely to realize his full potential.

5. Tony Adams- Arsenal legend

Arsenal legend Tony Adams is probably another footballer who struggled with alcoholism. However, he accepted his problem and came out to admit he was struggling with the alcohol abuse in 1996. He got help and was lucky to continue playing until 2002.

4. Diego Maradona- Argentina

1986 World Cup winner Diego Maradona is never far away from scandals. In 2018 finals in Russia, FIFA banned him from the Stadium for swearing whenever his country scored a goal. The legendary footballer has always attracted controversy. The world knows about his cocaine addiction that resulted to a ban. However, in his biography, he said he believes things could’ve been better for him if he avoided a whiskey bottle he enjoyed every night. It is shocking to hear that given how great he was on the pitch. He helped Napoli lift UEFA Cup as well as Serie A crown twice.

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