It does not come as a surprise to see footballers having affairs, but they are expected to use some protection measures at least. However, pregnancies don’t lie. Down are five of the footballers who had kids from many women.

5. Samuel Eto’o -3 Women (5 kids)

One of the best footballers of his time, Samuel Eto’o Fils, has five children: Annie, Maelle, Étienne, Siena and Lynn. He had Maelle, Siena and Lynn with his wife Georgette Tra Lou, and the two others from previous relationships.

4. Anthony Martial -2 Women (2 kids)

Yesterday, it was in the news after Anthony Martial left Manchester United’s tour of the United States to attend the birth of his son. The Frenchman flew home from Los Angeles to be with girlfriend Melanie Da Cruz and did not play against AC Milan.

He is also the father of two-year-old Peyton, his daughter from a previous marriage to Samantha Jacquelinet.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo -3 Women (4 kids)

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered as one of the best footballers in the world. Outside the football pitch, though, he recently graduated from a playboy to a loving and caring father.

Ronaldo became a father to Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, in June 2010. In June 2017, he had become the father to twins, a daughter Eva Maria and a son Mateo. Five months later, his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez gave birth to their daughter Alana Martina.

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