Many footballers love animals and some decided to keep them as pets. The are others who enjoy visiting zoos and parks, just to spend some time around animals. Today we will take a look at those who love hanging out with apes. Here are the 4 footballers who posed with monkeys.

4. Benjamin Mendy

After winning the Premier League with Manchester City and becoming a world champion with France, Benjamin Mendy marked the triumphs in typical style. He got up close and personal with a string of wild animals at a Miami zoo. Mendy first grabbed a baby monkey wrapped in a towel before he was given the chance to get to grips with the crocodile.

3. Karim Benzema

Another keen animal lover is Karim Benzema, who sometimes enjoys his holidays in Dubai. The Real Madrid striker once shared an image of himself relaxing on a sofa while getting a cuddle of a cute little monkey.

2. Paul Pogba

This isn’t about monkey chants, this is about monkey love. Paul Pogba really loves being around animals and playing with them. This time, the Manchester United midfielder was having some funny moments with an ape, captioning an Instagram post like: “Smile for the camera.

1. Eric Cantona

During his footballing time, Eric Cantona was a no joke striker. After quitting football, Manchester United legend decided to become a professional actor. In some of his scene actings, he got chances to walk with monkeys.

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