Known for his incredible goal-scoring skills, his dashing good looks, and his enormous decorations off the field, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s most beloved footballers. He is that player that even haters should respect. Here are some of the incredible facts about the living legend.

5. He was not good enough for Liverpool

Back in 2003, Liverpool were on the verge of signing Ronaldo before his move to Manchester United for £12.2 million from Sporting. Former Liverpool manager, Gerard Houllier had admitted to having watched him play, but due to a lack of funds and lack of interest, talks broke down.

We suspect things worked out for the best. Ronaldo hardly ever talks about Liverpool, yet this is the man who always has a comment about every football related things in the world.

4. His footballing career almost ended at age 15

Cristiano Ronaldo was diagnosed with a racing heart when he was 15, something that could have forced the Ballon d’Or winner to retire even before his football career started. He was representing Sporting CP then, and the staff were made aware of the situation.

“H heart raced a lot when he wasn’t running,” Ronaldo’s mother Dolores Aveiro revealed. “They used a sort of laser to cauterize the source of the problem. He was operated on in the morning and came out at the end of the afternoon.” (the operation was successful).

3. Only Gets Younger

After achieving his medical at Italian club Juventus following the £100m move from Real Madrid, his test results raised some eyebrows at the Allianz Stadium. Ronaldo turned 33 in February and yet Juve’s medical staff found that the striker actually has the physical capacity of a 20-year-old.

The medical found that Ronaldo has just seven per cent body fat, which is around three per cent less than the average professional. His muscle mass meanwhile stands at 50 per cent, again higher than the average professional player, this time by around four per cent.

And finally, the top sprint speed he recorded at the World Cup, 21.1 mph, a result he replicated during his medical, was quicker than any other player at the tournament. What a man!

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