Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has claimed that six-point lead in the Premier League title race means nothing amid 19 games to go.

The Merseysiders, who are the only unbeaten club so far this season, have secured a 4-0 win over Newcastle United on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Manchester City were beaten at Leicester City at the King Power Stadium, while Tottenham beat Bournemouth 5-0 at Wembley Stadium.

Liverpool extended their advantage at the summit with six points clear at the top of the league ahead of second-placed Tottenham.

However, Klopp has insisted that the difference of only six points ‘means nothing’ in the English Premier League.

Klopp said: “That means nothing. We play Arsenal and City.”

“Good that we have six points more than other teams but that is pretty much what we wanted to do all the time, create a basis for the rest of the season. Now the first part of the season is over.”

“We want to create our own history so the first time in the Premier League unbeaten, we conceded seven goals, that is good. Numbers good, good situation, but 19 games to go.”

“So we play Arsenal, we play City, we play Tottenham, we play all the teams again. It’s very difficult, very long way to go, we know that.”

“I had no idea how any other team was playing, I didn’t even know where they were playing. Afterwards, I got the results and I have to say it didn’t do a lot for me.”

“It is just information. We have to win our games, we have to be focused, we have to be really in the mood and have tunnel vision and see where it will lead us.”

The Reds back in the Premier League action on Saturday evening as the host Arsenal at Anfield before taking on Man City next Thursday at Etihad Stadium.

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