Football players have the freedom to join any club they want at any time in their career. There are several factors that make players want to change sides. They include wages, bonuses, length of contracts, weather, Coaches and Champions League football among others. Today, we want to look at five players who are well-known nomads. They have switched from one club to the other and we simply can’t tell the reasons why. Take a look at footballers who played for most clubs in History.

5. Nicolas Anelka- 12 Clubs

Nicolas Anelka finally retired in 2015 at Mumbai City. It was his 13th club in his career. The France legend started his career in 1996 at Paris Saint-Germain. He went to play for Europe biggest clubs including career Arsenal, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool and Juventus among others.

4. Samuel Etoo- 13 Clubs

Former Cameroon skipper and Africa most decorated footballer Samuel Etoo left Turkish side Konyaspor to join his 13th club Qatar SC this summer. He has played for Real Madrid, Barcelona, InterMilan and Chelsea among other clubs. He says he is 37 years but according to his former wife, you might have to add 7 years to that number to get the real figure.

The problem started when his former boss Jose Mourinho said he did not believe Etoo was 32 years at the time. ‘The problem with Chelsea is I lack a scorer,’ said Mourinho.

‘I have Eto’o but he is 32 years old, maybe 35, who knows?’

Then his former girlfriend Anna Barranca told the Sun Newspaper that the striker was actually born in 1974, not 81 as he claims. ‘I think Samuel is not 35 he is more 39. (2014)

‘Samuel was born in 1974 and so that makes him 39 now.’ Now if we use 1974, Etoo is actually 44-year-old. We might never know the truth.

3. Freddy Adu- 14 Clubs

Freddy Adu is only 29 years old but he has already played for 14 clubs so far.  The US international midfielder currently plays for Las Vegas Lights FC in the United Soccer League. There was a time the media called him the ‘Next Pele’ but things turned out the opposite for him. He started his journey at DC United, the same club Wayne Rooney is finishing his fantastic career.

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