Former Manchester United winger Willie Morgan has claimed that manager Jose Mourinho will not get sacked by the club.

Mourinho, who is in his third season at Old Trafford, is now under pressure following his side’s two defeats in the Premier League this season.

United have lost 3-0 to Tottenham Hotspur on Monday night at Old Trafford which was Mourinho’s worst home result in his managerial career.

However, Morgan, who played for the Red Devils between 1968 and 1975, has revealed that the former Chelsea boss could resign before the board act.

“He didn’t play great football when he was at Chelsea – but they won,” Morgan told Love Sport Radio’s Comedy Breakfast Show with Ian Stone.

“We’re doing neither now – not playing great football and we’re not winning.”

“I think he’ll walk. I don’t think he’ll get sacked. For him, it’s pride.”

“It must be heartbreaking for him, but he’s the cause of it. He’s picking the team. And he’s a very proud guy. He wants to do well, obviously.”

“But it’s just not happening. There’s a lack of talent – the midfield’s a joke. And that’s your engine.”

“You can say – ok, the defence isn’t good, up front they’re not scoring.”

“But the midfield’s the engine – and our midfield is non-existent. People just walk through us. You’ve got to start there.”

“With the players, he’s got he’s going to have a lot of problems.”

“There is no one to bring in apart from [Marcus] Rashford and [Anthony] Martial: they’d be in my team every week.”

“If Jose’s got another 30 years he might turn it around.”

Mourinho’s two successive defeats oversaw the Red Devils’ worst start to a Premier League season in 26 years.

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