Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has admitted that Paul Pogba needs to improve his penalty technique following his side’s 2-1 win over Everton.

Pogba opened scored the opener in 27 minutes, converting on the rebound after missing penalty saved by goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

Pogba has missed two times in five penalties taken at United this season and Mourinho praised the midfielder for his willingness to take penalties. But has admitted that the 25-year-old needs to adjust his technique.

“The thing I like is the desire to take it,” Mourinho said. “I don’t like Mickey Mouses: fragile, afraid to go, I don’t take penalties. I don’t like that, I like the player that I want to take it.”

“Paul wants to take and that for me is fantastic. If he misses, he misses. Can he improve his penalty? I think he can.”

“I think the goalkeepers don’t move and they are waiting for his decision so I think he probably has to learn from that. But for me, the most important thing is next time we have a penalty he wants to go again.”

Mourinho has also revealed his verdict on his side’s inability to keep opponents away from their goal.

“We are playing OK, we are not as rock solid as I would like,” Mourinho said.

“We don’t have the killer instinct that I would like. Some teams with three chances they score three goals and some teams without the ball can resist and keep clean sheets all the time.”

“For us, it is almost an impossible mission to keep a clean sheet even with the phenomenal goalkeeper we have and to score goals is really difficult for us.”

Meanwhile, Pogba has also admitted that he had been lucky and insisted that he will try a new technique in the future.

“It’s true I was lucky, but the most important thing is the ball went in and I scored the goal. It was good for us, good for me after we carried on we had other chances, most important was the win today,” Pogba told reporters.

“I always try to destabilise the keeper, I always shoot like this, and that’s how I know how to take penalties. But maybe I practice to change it because the goalkeepers are starting to know my steps now. The most important thing is when the ball goes in.”

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