Jose Mourinho has accused Manchester United players not giving everything to the team to help him winning things at Old Trafford.

United will take on Arsenal tonight at Old Trafford but Mourinho has claimed that any player who doesn’t put his maximum effort for the club is ‘dishonest’.

Mourinho said ahead of Arsenal clash: “If you think a player only plays when, in your words, he is behind the manager, what I have to call these players or, in this case, what you are calling them, is dishonest.”

“A football player is paid – and very well paid – to be a football professional.”

“What is that? It’s to train every day to his limits, to play every game to his limits, to behave socially according to the nature of his job, to respect the millions of fans around the world and to respect the hierarchies of the club.”

“If a player doesn’t do that, one thing is to perform well and not so well, another thing is to be a football professional.”

“If you say that a player plays well or bad because of how good a manager is, you are calling the player dishonest.”

“When pundits, who were professional players, say this player is not playing for the manager, did they do that when they were players? Were they dishonest players?”

“If they were, they shouldn’t be in front of a camera speaking to millions of people.”

“You have to analyse a player by ‘Is he performing, yes or no?’ You shouldn’t go in that direction, because you are calling the players dishonest.”

“You believe a player scores in his own goal and then runs and celebrates, ‘I scored in my own goal because I don’t like the manager’? Do you believe in that? I don’t believe in that.”

When asked if a poor relationship with a manager can negatively influence a person’s performance in the workplace, Mourinho told reporters: “So you have only one solution.”

“If you don’t like your boss in the newspaper, you have to leave the newspaper. It is still a dishonest factor. So, be honest and leave. Go to another paper.”

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