Many people like to share their daily life, feelings, and achievements on social media. Same things happen to footballers. You can see their posts about the training, game performances, achievements, wishes, and holidays. You can easily tell that they are professional footballers through their posts.

But there are some players whom you won’t even think about it because they hardly post about the game. All in all, here are the top 5 footballers who barely post about football on Instagram.

3. Patrice Evra

It is hard to feel bored when you have Evra as your teammate. The French defender has gone famous on social media thanks to his ‘Monday Motivation’ hashtag.

He mostly focuses on posting jokes rather than football.

Patrice Evra likes dancing so much that he usually post a video on social media. Checking on Evra’s Instagram, you will think that it just belongs to a comedian, not a footballer.

2. Dani Alves

Enjoy their lives to the fullest, those are the Brazilians. PSG defender, Dani Alves, hardly finds time to talk about his training but about his personal life on Instagram.

Among his thousands of posts, only a few are about football. Dani Alves likes music and riding.

Among his Insta photos and videos, you will find him on the beach with his wife, dogs, and kids. Alves also likes posting himself singing, playing the guitar, or beating drums.

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