Most of the famous football players have shared stories of their rough upbringings. Some were orphans at a young age, and others were even homeless. They thank the game for bringing them immense wealth. But there are those who were born with a spoon in their mouths. Even if they wouldn’t make it to football, they would have had better lives. Here are six football players who were born into rich families.

6. Frank Lampard

The Chelsea legend had to work very hard to get where he is at the moment. But when it came to Finance, Frank Lampard didn’t have to worry. He comes from one of football’s most important families. His dad, Frank Lampard Senior, played as a left-back for West Ham and made a pretty comfy living. And his uncle and his uncle, Harry Redknapp, is an English football manager for Birmingham City, granting him his Premier League debut.

5. Kaka

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Kaka’s life could have taken a very different turn without football. Unlike many Brazilian footballers, Kaka wasn’t raised in poverty. Academics and all his needs were taken care of. His father, Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite, was an engineer, while his mother, Simone dos Santos, was a school teacher.

4. Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris is currently the captain of English club Tottenham Hotspurs. Lloris grew up the son of an upper-class family in Nice. He was born into an upper-class family from Nice. His mother was a lawyer and his father a banker.

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