The World Cup is another chance for players to show what they can do for their countries. Like Cristiano Ronaldo, some give it all to carry their teams on their back. But on the other hand, some other seem to show almost zero effort in leading their squads despite being trusted in the starting lineups. Today, we will take a look at the top 5 laziest players in this World Cup’s group stage.

5. Robert Lewandowski – Poland

Normally, Lewandowski is a kind of fearsome strikers who are always knocking on the opponents’ defense. But during Poland’s first game loss against Senegal, Bayern Munich star seemed lost. He did not make many attempts the way he usually does, only taking two shot in 90 minutes, deceiving fans. ” Against Colombia, it won’t be easy. We will play differently and better than today.” Lewando said after the match.”

4. Pique – Spain

Even Spain managed to get 3 points from Iran, it’s not a fact that they played their best football. It’s never easy to prove one’s laziness when they are playing alongside the other best players. Before mentioning that he was nutmegged by Iran player, did you know Pique was a reason behind Spain’s draw against Portugal? His two small mistakes led them to a penalty and a freekick – which both became goals. But with Spain victory, no one thinks about it.

3. Neymar – Brazil

Some people have started saying that Neymar plays for himself, not for Brazil. They say he came with no goal-chasing spirit but attention-seeking and overconfidence. With that kind of mind, the 26-year-old superstar seems to give his full effort to help up his team. Ney was fouled a whopping 10 times in Sunday’s match against Switzerland, more than any other player at the World Cup in 20 years.

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