It’s a huge and breath-taking memory when a famous athlete visits you. Some footballers take their holidays or their breaks to visit particular environments. Today, we will take a look at the famous footballers who visited Africa.

5. Jose Mourinho in Ivory Coast

Back at the time when he was still Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho went to Ivory Coast. His aim was not to enjoy or spend holidays. It was about visiting hungry children and HIV patients. The Portuguese said he wants football to do more to support initiatives. He was moved to tears as he said his fines should go to charity.

4. Lionel Messi in Gabon

Lionel Messi made a surprise visit to Gabon to lay the first stone at a 2017 Africa Cup of Nations stadium. The football GOAT was with Gabonese president Ali Bongo Ondimba helping to begin the building process at the Port-Gentil venue. “When I was in Barcelona a few years ago, I saw Messi and he said he would come to visit me in Libreville,” President Bong told media.

3. Pep Guardiola in Mombasa (Kenya)

One of the best football managers in the entire world Pep Guardiola visited Kenya for a private family safari (trip). The former Bayern Munich boss was accompanied by his wife, Cristina Serra, and children Maria, Marius and Valentina Guardiola. Pep wanted a low profile to just have a rest with family in 2015. He flew to Maasai Mara on a chartered flight.

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