Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has openly told his players to stay at their homes if they are not able to stand for pressure.

The Red Devils were held at Old Trafford by Crystal Palace in the Premier League on Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, United have managed to win just three of nine games at home ground so far this season.

When asked if Old Trafford puts more pressure on his players, Mourinho has categorically refused it.

“I refuse to say that,” Mourinho said ahead of his side’s clash with Young Boys at home.

“I think it would be a lack of respect to the stadium and fans to say we prefer to play away from home, so I totally refuse to say that.”

“If you ask me if I prefer to play against Young Boys here or go to Bern, I would say immediately to play at home. Always.”

“If you feel pressure, then stay at home, and when I say home, I don’t say stadium home, I say home and watch on TV.”

“When the people come to support? Come on. I don’t feel pressure to play at home.”

United will go through to the last 16 tonight if they manage to beat Young Boys and Juventus beat Valencia in Turin.

“The information is, things are better than last time,” Mourinho added.

“We are staying at a hotel a few metres away. If it is not better I walk [to Old Trafford].”

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