FIFA World Cup 2018 has been crazy. The tournament has delivered so much drama so far. In fact, everywhere you go people are talking about what is happening in Russia. The other day I was getting my weakly shave at my local barber shop and as you all know, the topic is soccer at the moment. The discussion was about Video Assistant Referee or VAR. FIFA President Gianni Infantino has some work to do because almost everybody agreed the new system somehow worked against African teams. This is a topic that will certainly dominate the headlines around the World for sometimes.

The discussion then changed when another client complained about the poor signal quality on his decoder. He went on to explain how he had to watch the game at the neighbour’s house because he hates ‘Start, stop’ kind of signals. My ‘Kinyozi’ guy started laughing and we all looked at him wondering what was exactly funny about poor signals and everything else the client said.

The guy just whipped out his phone and clicked on this app called Kwese-iflix. He went on to explain how Safaricom GIGA Football Pass has made it easy for him to continue working even when the games are going on. It all made sense but he had not touched on the data issue.We all laughed out loud when he said 99 bob for up to 24 hours. It is simply not possible to watch a 90 minutes game for that kind of money, let alone a whole day of unlimited data he was talking about. However, his demeanour remained the same and I started thinking, wait a minute, this guy might be serious.

When I got home, I decided to get more information about the ‘GIGA’ thing from their website. I was not 100% convinced until when I tried to watch Brazil game when I travelled to the countryside. I must say am impressed. There is no reason for anybody to miss a single World Cup game this time around.

My ‘Kinyozi’ guy enlightened me, so let me not be selfish. Enjoy the game, thank me later. This is how it works;

What is the GIGA Football Pass?

The new Safaricom GIGA Football Pass gives you unrestricted access to watch all football World Cup games live on your phone or your Big Box, for up to 24 hours. The 99bob GIGA Football Pass for mobile comes together with a Kwese-iflix subscription and therefore you don’t have to pay for anything extra.

How to get the GIGA Bundle

To subscribe for mobile, dial *544#, select the Safaricom GIGA Football Pass, pay via Airtime or M-PESA and you are good to go. To subscribe for your Big Box at home, dial *400# and follow the easy steps.

How much does it cost?

For mobile viewing, Safaricom GIGA Football Pass is available for 99bob for 24 hours together with the Kwese-ifilx subscription.

How to watch Football with the GIGA Football Pass?

To watch the games live on your mobile with the new Giga Football Pass, you will have to download the Kwese-iflix app. The app will enable you to stream all the games live for 24 hours.

May the best team win. (Hope its England)