Nowadays, football has become money related compared to the way it used to be. We can see footballers driving some of the most expensive cars in the world. But still, few players take some time to use humble means on their way home from the training or matches. Today we will take a look at five footballers who were caught using public transport.

5. Jurgen Klopp

Rather than buying luxurious cars, Klopp enjoys taking the train to his home. Dropping from the train, Jurgen enjoys taking the long walks. He has admitted that it helps him to think about what he can do better next time.

4. Eric Dier and Christian Eriksen

Imagine entering a tube after a hard-working day and find yourself sitting with next to two stars. Eric Dier and Christian Eriksen were photographed riding the London tube. The two Spurs players seemed to be enjoying the ride.

3. Juan Mata

With his humble personality, it’s no surprise if we see Juan Mata taking the tube on his way home. Lucky is the guy whom they sit together as they get some selfies without any struggles.

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