Cristiano Ronaldo is proposed to Georgina Rodriguez. How did they meet? How did this perfect stranger steal the heart of the one of famous men on the planet?

The beginning

It all started in June 2016 for Ronaldo and Georgina. Georgina was 21 and Ronaldo was 31. Back then Georgina was a saleswoman in a Gucci shop in Madrid. Ronaldo went there looking for summer clothes. He had an instant crush on the young woman despite a 10 year gap. They exchanged numbers. Two months later, their relationship started for real. The Portuguese star loves how much they have in common.

She was a perfect match  

Just like Ronaldo, Georgina had a complicated childhood, just like Cristiano she comes from a poor family and was ready to do everything to change her situation, just like Cristiano her father was often absent and struggled with alcoholism. Georgina’s father even spent 10 years in jail, but just like CR7, Georgina is incredibly ambitious and determined.

She packed her things and flew to Madrid looking for a better life. Georgina worked as a waitress in a bar and then as a salesperson for Gucci. She worked 7 days per week to pay her rent.

Those days shaped Georgina into the person she is today, an independent woman with a strong personality. Georgina had to quit her job at Gucci because she was harassed by the paparazzi, but now she is living a perfect love story with the Portuguese star.

Cristiano and Georgina understand each other. She is a hardworking woman with her own goals in life. Georgina gets along perfectly well with CR7’s family unlike Irina Shayk, his former girlfriend, who did not get along with CR7’s mother. Cristiano and Georgina now have a child together born in November 2017.

But, recently they had to go through a painful deal, Rape accusations against Ronaldo that are said to have happened in 2009.

Despite this, Georgina stayed by Cristiano Ronaldo’s side. She even supported him on Instagram. She wrote: ‘‘You always transform the obstacles that are put in your way into impulse and strength. I love you Cristiano.’’

Her support ended up convincing Ronaldo. He is asked the young woman, the training partner, his support, the mother of his child to marry.