Cristiano Ronaldo has performed miracles on the fields but he is a source of even bigger miracles off-field; He managed to wake a young man up from a three month coma.

It’s probably the strangest football story you will hear today and definitely the most touching. It shows to which extent football and its stars can literally change lives.

In 2013, David a 14 year-old fell into coma following a road accident. Knocked by a car, he is in a very serious condition, doctors don’t give him much chance of surviving; neurologist try to wake him up with a very specialized technique. They are trying to stimulating his memory by making him listen to things he likes.

The young man is huge fan of Cristiano Ronaldo; his parents have covered the walls of his hospital room with posters of the Portuguese star. So, doctors put a radio next to David’s bed. They played commentary from a game which Ronaldo is playing.

In November 2013, Portugal is taking on Sweden in play off for the 2014 World Cup. Zlatan Ibrahimovic plays an unreal game and almost qualify Sweden for the World Cup by scoring a fantastic double; the only problem is he is up an even better player, a CERTAIN Cristiano Ronaldo, Who scored an incredible treble.

For the third goal, he gets passed the keeper and scores into the empty net; the commentator go weird ‘GOOOOOOOOLLLLL from Criiiistiaaaano Ronaldoooooo’ a sound which produces a miracle; David wakes up hearing his idol scoring the winning goal. Against all odds, he is out of his coma!

Ronaldo heard about this insane story in 2014 while playing for Real Madrid. The team invited David at a game between Real and Dortmund, an opportunity for the young man to meet his hero CR7. In 2016, he met him again in Poland during a Real Madrid game in Warsaw. ‘‘I’m happy to see that he is doing well. He is in good health. He is much better ’’ Said Ronaldo that day.

That story proves that football has an incredible power!