In a sport where it seems like just about every footballer has tattoos, these five rare footballers stand out for not having any (or at least any visible ones). These footballers are adamant they will never get tattoos; their reasons may surprise you.

5. N’Golo Kante

This is no surprise to the list; Kante is just a humble footballer who seeks no attention. He Displays neither his body nor his wealth; off-field, he has nothing in common with footballers. It is just hard and disturbing to imagine Kante with a tattoo, and we ignore his reasons.

At the start of his professional career at Boulogne, he commuted to training by kick scooter, and as of 2018 he drove a Mini Hatch, interpreted by BBC Sport’s Paul Fletcher as showing he is “uninterested in displaying his wealth (and body too one can add)”.

4. Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniesta, 34, played the last of his 674 Barcelona matches Sunday. In the 22 years, he has won 32 trophies and the respect of even Barcelona’s greatest rivals. However, he remained the no star type all along.

He is said not to be star of football. It was the opinion of Guardiola. It is because of his original appearance not to wear any earrings or tattoo.

3. Mohamed Salah

You might have seen these tweets about the Egyptian king: Mohamed Salah: “I don’t have tattoos, I don’t change hairstyles, I don’t know how to dance. I just want to play football.” And they say it all.

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