Could it be that he is the footballer who has succeeded most in life? Many people know Gerard Piqué the footballer, but do you know how much global influence he has?

As well as being an excellent player, the Spaniard is an excellent businessman, everything he touches turns into gold!

Aware that his career won’t last forever, Piqué began his business studies in 2017; he was even accepted by Harvard University where he is attempting to achieve a Master’s of Business Administration.

You cannot deny that Piqué is extremely intelligent. His father revealed in 2012 that Piqué has an IQ of 140. This Incredible because 90% of world’s population posses and IQ ranging between 85 and 115. His intelligence, his education and his contacts has allowed him to create a business empire.

Piqué is probably the head of an open ended investment business company with variable capital. According to some sources, this business is probably worth more than $16 billion, but Piqué isn’t satisfied he invested in all sorts of things, Video games, glasses, meat… nothing is off limit! He is also invested in television by creating the Kosmos Media Group.

What a brilliant idea, Kosmos has shown such impressive growth that the International Tennis Federation has trusted it with the reform of Davis Cup. From 2019, the Davis cup will become a World Cup bringing together the 18 best countries to face off over a week. Kosmos will invest 3.4 billion in this project.

‘‘No one saw it coming. It is incredible! We’re talking about a huge change it proves how well Piqué knows business’’ said Jordi Arese, former Spain National Tennis team Captain


What a genius?! The icing on the cake, Gerard Piqué is also married to one of most popular singers on the planet Shakira. Piqué has two children with the beautiful Colombian. They are together since 2010. An impressive success story to add to his superb football career: 1 World Cup, 1 Euro, 3 Champions League, 3 club world cups and 7 La Liga titles.

Piqué has won everything and always kept his place in a team as prestigious as FC Barcelona. However, lots of people don’t like him some think that he isn’t that good other dislikes his political support for Catalonia independence but, Piqué can always count on undying support of Barcelona fans know without a doubt that he will become the president of their team at the end of his career.