One of the most recognizable names in football history, Ronaldinho burst onto the international scene as a teenager at the 1997 FIFA Under-17 World Cup where he became famous for his Brazillian flair and trickery. Down are things only Ronaldinho can do.

5. First Youtube video to reach 1 million views

We’ve all seen it. The 2005 Nike advert which saw Ronaldinho try on a new pair of boots before smashing the crossbar four times without letting the ball touch the ground. The advertisement was described by Nike as the video which “broke the internet”, and it was later confirmed as the first video to reach 1 million views on Youtube.

4. He once scored every goal in a 23-0 win

Ronaldinho’s talent wasn’t exactly hard to spot. At the tender age of 13 he knocked 23 goals past aside in his local youth league which resulted in his first brush with the media. The Brazilian was later selected for the Gremio youth squad before he starred for Brazil in the Under-17 World Cup.

3. Applauded by Real Madrid fans at the Bernabeu

In what is a normally an extremely hostile atmosphere, Ronaldinho became the first Barcelona player to be applauded at the Bernabeu after he tore Real Madrid apart during the Clasico in 2005.

In what was a truly unique event, the show of respect by Madrid fans truly demonstrated the talent Ronaldinho possessed at his peak.

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