Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has admitted he made bad decisions in his first six months in England. The former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss has been complaining and whining in recent weeks about officials and style of play in the Premier League. He even said his coaching career is coming to an end after his Etihad term comes to an end.

‘In the first part of the season some really good games and good performances,’ he said. ‘But the moment we felt mistakes, especially in defence — at White Hart Lane, at Celtic — we lost our confidence to play a little bit. And of course at times my ideas were not good, because I’m still in the process to know the players; what is the best position, the best way to play, to adapt to them.


‘Sometimes I have an idea; three at the back, or play a player like this. And sometimes it didn’t work and when that happens it is always the manager. I never complain to the players because, when I see them training, how they suffer and what they did in the last game against Burnley, after 65, 70 minutes with 10 against 11, two days after the game at Anfield, they want to do it.

‘You have to look at yourself and see what you have to do to help them find each other and play to each other more fluently, not all the time with aggression. And that’s my job. I have to help them. And I tell them. And most of the times we were not good, it was my responsibility.’

‘I’m not going to change England and I don’t want to do that,’ he said. ‘Of course it’s going to change me. That’s why I came here — to be changed. That is nice. Every country has its own personality, its own way to play. And that is marvellous. For example, in Holland the football in Amsterdam is completely different to Rotterdam. Because Rotterdam is an industrial city and people live and play a different way. That’s why football is amazing.’


‘Of course, I come here and I said a thousand, million times that I try to adapt to English football in the way I believe you can. But in the end it’s 11 against 11 and the pitches here are smaller, or it looks like it, more than the other places’

‘And of course the intensity, the aggression and the permission to play on, with less fouls, makes it a bit more difficult. So I understand that. I never complained. It’s just we can do better to improve.’

Manchester City is currently 4th in the Premier League table, 7 points behind leaders Chelsea.

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