The World Cup is the pinnacle of all sporting events for so many reasons, but one of them is surely the unforgettable celebrations it has provoked over the years. There is simply no other celebration like a World Cup celebration. Down are some of the best goal celebrations at this summer’s World Cup.

5. Jesse Lingard’s Dance (England vs Poland)

England midfielder Jesse Lingard showed imagination in his celebration inspired by the computer game Fortnite after scoring against Panama on Sunday. The player’s “shoot dance” features as a taunt on the hugely popular game, which the England team are said to be big fans of.

4. Mbaye Niang ( Senegal vs Poland)

Hard to forget Senegal’s Mbaye Niang celebrating with his teammates after scoring his side’s second goal to beat Poland 2-1. Niang’s goal was his first for Senegal, with his first shot on target in a World Cup match.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal vs Morocco)

We are getting used to the trademark celebration. The main part of the celebration is a Ronaldo trademark, the part where he leaps in the air, does a 180-degree turn, and does a little flourish with his arms as he lands with his back to the crowd as if to say “Behold! It is I, Cristiano Ronaldo! Look at the name on my back, and rejoice/despair!”

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