Ginga is a spirit Brazilians are born with; it’s a walk, a talk, a way of life, and a vital ingredient to being Brazilian. It comes naturally to so many as it’s part of everyday life; therefore it’s not surprising that this spirit seamlessly translates into their sporting skills. Down are some the Brazilian wonder-kids the world won’t forget.

7. Pele

Considered by most as Brazil’s greatest ever player and by many as the finest footballer of all time, Pele was a World Cup winner at the age of 17 in 1958, having made his debut for Santos as a 15-year-old in 1956.

6. Romario

Romario started his career with Vasco da Gama in Rio, initially just as a fan and later as a professional once he had made his debut just days after his 19th birthday. At the age of 22, he then moved to PSV Eindhoven and later to Barcelona.

Short in stature, the striker was famous for his lobbed goals in a spectacular career which saw him play until beyond his 40th birthday.

5. Adriano

The explosive striker moved to Inter as a 19-year-old and impressing with Fiorentina (on loan) and then Parma, before moving back to Milan to star for several seasons. Blighted by drug and alcohol problems later in his career, however, Adriano was unable to live up to earlier expectations.

4. Ronaldo

Ronaldo made his debut for Cruzeiro at just 16 years of age. Part of the 1994 World Cup-winning squad with Brazil, O Fenomeno did not feature that year, but played in two finals and claimed the trophy as the star in 2002. He scored 62 goals in 98 games for the Selecao and despite suffering a number of injuries, is among the nation’s best-ever players.

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