3. Azadi Stadium- 95,225 Capacity

Location- Tehran (Iran)

Azadi Stadium was constructed and finished in 1973. It is the third biggest venue in the World outside Europe. It is used by the national team and also Esteghlal FC, and Persepolis FC. It can also host athletics among other events. It is situated in the Iranian capital Tehran. It has a capacity of 95,225 people.

2. Estadio Azteca- 95,500 Capacity

Location- Mexico City (Mexico)

Mexico national team home is called Estadio Azteca. The Stadium has a capacity of 95,500, which is 275 more than Azadi Stadium in Tehran. The venue situated in Mexico City is famous for various reasons. However, for fans outside the country, they will remember it is the place Diego Maradona scored the ‘Hand of God’ goal in 1986. Club America also plays home games here.

1.Rungrado May Day Stadium- 150,000 Capacity

Location- Pyongyang, North Korea

The numbers speak for themselves when it comes to the giant venue Rungrado May Day Stadium. It hosts National team matches among other club matches. It also used in national events, especially during important celebrations. The atmosphere inside when there is an event is crazy. However, some people might as well go home before even getting to witness what was going on in the stadium floor. It is the biggest stadium in the World with a 150,000 capacity.

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