The image of football players at wild parties with crazy girls is reinforced every generation. What few of us might know, however, is that this image does not fit every star player. Off the field, some footballers are just too shy to approach a girl or just not interested. Down are some footballers who are not interested in women.

5. N’Golo Kante

He might be the monster on the pitch, but everyone knows how shy and quiet the French talisman is. Probably the quietest, humble and shiest footballer on earth. And he does not seem to be that interested in women.

And being realistic, can someone who was too shy to hold the World Cup after France’s 4-2 final victory, be able to ask a girl out, or proceed otherwise? He might need Steven N’zozi on this one too.

4. Naby Keita

Liverpool new arrival Naby Keita is single. The 23-year-old Guinea International has impressed since joining the Reds from Bundesliga giant RB Leipzig earlier this summer. The midfielder is a close friend to Sadio Mane. The two seem to have much in common, and they are both not interested in women.

3. Kylian Mbappe

The French star and World sensation seem to be too busy building his career, and as he still lives with his mom. He is too young and too shy, and not that interested in women to have a girlfriend. And he might not get the time nor space for the business if he still lives at mom’s.

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