Now that the new season is coming up, it’s time for football fans to crawl out of the woodwork and turn into complete monsters. So if you’re a true football fan, you’ll definitely relate to these five things only the beautiful game lovers can understand.

5. “It’s Just A Game”

It is never just a game, it is, do or die! It is bragging rights! It is pride, and it is many other things that outsiders just don’t understand. Or it is about having the chance to walk up to your best friend, look him in the face, and remind him about how your club beat his club.

Football is part of fans’ culture as a society. It is something which non-football fans need to realize and embrace. For fans, it’s like a lifestyle.

4. You Can Never Change Teams!

If there is one golden rule in football, it’s that a fan does not simply change the team he or she supports. Yes, players will chop and change teams throughout their careers, but fans must stay loyal!

As Eric Cantona famously said “You can change your wife, change your politics, change your religion. But never, never can you change your favorite football team”.

3. The referee is a cheat

To be honest, when the referee blows in favor of a fan’s team, he’s the best ref in the league. When he blows against their side, then they question why he was ever given the job in the first place.

They have all sympathized with a match official when he’s called it wrong, but when the decision results in a goal in favor of the opposition, they forget that he merely has human vision. That’s the spirit!

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