Football fans all over the World continue to debate on who is better between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. It is certainly very difficult to separate the two five times Ballon d’Or winners. The two G.O.A.Ts are in a league of their own. However, today we have identified several areas that we think the Portuguese has an edge over the Argentine. This should not be interpreted to mean Juventus star is better than the Barcelona forward. The naked truth is the following skills are brought out better by CR7.

5.Defensive Duties

Lionel Messi is very good going forward especially when he has the ball. His acceleration and direct approach terrify defenders. On the other hand, when the team needs more bodies behind the ball the Argentine is not very useful. His height does not help the situation meaning that only pass interceptions remain at his disposal defensively.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not the kind of player who likes tracking back to do his defensive duties. However, when he does he has all the qualities to help clear the ball. He can stand in the wall when opponents are taking free-kicks or defend corners. Ronaldo can chase an opponent deep in his half to retrieve the ball. This gives him an edge over Lionel Messi in defensive duties.

4. Crying or Sobbing

Cristiano Ronaldo tears are always close to the exit door. The Portuguese has been seen crying so many times. This season he was in tears when the referee showed him a red card in his first UEFA Champions League match in Juventus colours.

In 2016 Euro finals, CR7 was in tears when he suffered an injury in a crucial final against hosts France. The good news is that the team did well without him to deliver the elusive national crown.

In Real Madrid colours, we saw him cry several times. However, we can’t forget his teary moment in 2008 UEFA Champions League final in Manchester United colours. He had just missed a penalty in the shoot-out. He knew if his team lose to Chelsea, he will be blamed for it. He cried until Gary Neville woke him up to celebrate after the shoot-out victory. We have seen Lionel Messi cry after Argentina several final defeats but CR7 beats him in this area.

3. Aerial Threat or Heading Ability

One of the most memorable goals Lionel Messi ever scored was in 2009 Champions League final. He out-jumped Rio Ferdinand to score Barcelona second goal. The strike made it difficult for Manchester United to come back in the game. However, he has not scored many after that as compared to Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi is not blessed physically which means that he rarely wins aerial battles. Ronaldo is one of the most dangerous headers of the ball in the World.

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