Believe it or not, some footballers have transitioned successfully to the acting world. Vinnie Jones isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but he’s a real stretch. Eric Cantona also just plays himself in his most acclaimed role, Looking for Eric, but does so with panache. Plus he’s great in those beer adverts. Trying to figure out what went wrong for these other footballers, down are some of the greatest footballers who failed at acting.


Becks has loads of gifts: athleticism, good looks, excellent hair and a right foot so dextrous it could open tinned food. To balance that out, he also has the voice of a shy mouse and clearly zero acting ability.

Playing the minor role of “Trigger” in Guy Ritchie’s panned Arthurian epic, Beckham doesn’t convince as a gruff medieval type with a plastic conk.

4. Wayne Rooney – A WINE ADVERT

The reactions from Rooney’s co-stars Ryan Giggs and Patrice Evra (definitely not his voice) aren’t much better, but as the leading man, Rooney must bear the brunt of the criticism. “They say he is a legend,” he adds in comatose style, before watching a fireball hurtle across the Old Trafford pitch and explode into one of the goals.

Rooney’s reaction? To stroke his chin impassively. Holy Moly! How much have delicious Chilean plonk you actually quaffed to stay this calm in a crisis?


There’s one eternal question around this 1981 cult classic about a group of Allied prisoners of war who escape via the power of football. Namely, which is worse: Sly Stallone’s goalkeeping or the cast of footballers’ attempts at acting?

Pele plays the starring role of Corporal Luis Fernandez. John Wark told FourFourTwo that the great man nailed his all-important bicycle kick on the first take, but his off-pitch acting left something to be desired. His dialogue delivery, unlike his play, is rushed and mumbled.

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