This might be the title every Cristiano hater would love to read. However, it is an anecdote about a staunch Cristiano Ronaldo fan who has been in love with him for a long time instead.

7. Has he ever scored a hat-trick at any point?

It took Ronaldo a while to get going, with many suggesting the five-time Ballon d’Or winner may be past his peak. On a Sunday night, March 18th 2018, Ronaldo scored the 50th hat-trick of his stunning career in Real Madrid’s 6-3 win over Girona.

6. All that money and not a penny to charity?

Back in October last year, Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly helped raise €600,000 ($705,000) for charity by donating a replica of one of his four Ballon d’Or trophies, which was bought at auction by Israeli millionaire and philanthropist Idan Ofer.

He regularly makes contributions to various charities worldwide, and in 2015 won a public vote to take an Athletes Gone Good award as the world’s most charitable athlete.

5. Will the next generation remember him?

If you ever wondered how much young footballers envy Cristiano Ronaldo just look the video above. The young footballing prospects of the illustrious Ajax youth academy have found it impossible to resist the celebration every time one of the little starlets finds the net.

4. It’s easy in Spain, can he do it in the Premier League?

2007/08 was the year Cristiano Ronaldo evolved into the best player in the world; an award bestowed upon him by FIFA when he was crowned 2008 World Player of the Year.

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