In the modern world of online videos, big-name footballers are constantly roped into doing daft things on camera for either their club’s official YouTube accounts or their own accounts. This time we use the videos to look at some footballers who are amazing dancers.

5. Emmanuel Adebayor

Even though he failed to reach his perceived potential, the Togolese striker sure knows how to have fun. In fact, if he’s guilty of being one of the biggest underachievers of the Premier League, then he is also guilty of being one of it’s most entertaining. The boy can dance!

4. Diego Maradona

The greatest footballer of all time might be the greatest dancer on the list too. He might old and less fit now, but the Argentine hero still got some moves. During his days, Diego Maradona even tried his hand at the Italian version of “Dancing With the Stars”.

3. Paul Pogba

It’s not just doing the dab that qualifies him for this list, even though he does it really well. Pogba loves celebrating and dancing not only with his teammates but anyone else around him. His love for dance is so obvious and infectious too for the people around him.

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