Most footballers have got their own designed boots. Shoe companies take time to create unique boots for certain players. Some players choose to write the names on their boots while others go for messages. Today we will take a look at five footballers with hidden messages on their boots.

5. Paul Pogba: ‘Pogboom’

Paul Pogba is known for his swaggy haircuts and dances, without forget his ability to controll the ball as a great midfielder. On his boots, there is his nickname signature ‘Pogboom’.

4. Jordan Pickford: ‘Get the rave on’

Jordan Pickford has a unique message stitched into his boots. Everton and England’s goalkeeper has the message ‘Get the rave on’ written on his boots. Pickford has also used the phrase in interviews before and is continuing to make use of it.

3. Steven Gerard: ‘Lilly-Lexie’ & ‘Lourdes’

During his time as a player, Liverpool legend Steven Gerard had the names of his children inscribed on their boots. Gerard three daughters at the time, as his son was not born yet. He had ”Lilly-Lexie’ on his left and ‘Lourdes’ on the right Adidas boot.

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