Many people go for Christmas & New Year break and footballers are not left behind even if it is always tricky for them as competitions don’t stop. Clubs try and find some break for players to allow them enjoying the festive season. Here are some of the activities that characterized Messi’s break.

5.Playing Teqball

He was training at Barcelona but he had a chance to maintain his fitness through playing Teqball.  Messi had a teqball table set up in his home garden and spent time playing with his first born, Thiago.

In the game the ball have to be returned to the opponent’s side of the table by touching it not more than three times, so plenty of practice should set Thiago well on his way to becoming a great player as his father.

4.Dancing with wife Antonella

Messi’s new year celebrations included a dance with his wife Antonella. The video of the couple dancing was shared on Antonella’s Instagram account.

3.Christmas Santa

The night before Christmas is the most important family time in South America. ‘Noche Buena’ (Good Night) is the main meal shared that night, and carries more importance than Christmas Day because it is at that time that they open their presents.

Messi has already done his Secret Santa before flying to Argentina. He received some goalkeeper’s gloves from PSG shot stopper Gianluigi Buffon and sent Philippe Coutinho a cuddly toy for his baby daughter.