Panic is now officially setting in for Premier League clubs as the transfer deadline day is here. For the first time in the modern era, the window for incoming transfers will slam shut before the Premier League season begins, meaning there are sure to be plenty of deals happening over the next hours. And with this in mind, let’s go back in time and look at some shocking last-minute Premier League transfers.

5. Robinho to Manchester City -2008

The Abu Dhabi United Group announced their takeover of Manchester City in 2008 with the purchase of Robinho from Real Madrid on the last day of the transfer window. In a deal that shocked the sporting world, Robinho turned down Chelsea in favor of an upstart club that wasn’t even the best team in its own city.

4. Mesut Ozil to Arsenal -2013

For years Arsenal’s transfer policy had been placed under scrutiny. The club had been accused of refusing to sign established talent that would provide an immediate boost to their squad. Wenger broke the tradition when he made the shock bid of £42.5 million for Madrid’s playmaker.

The fact that the transfer happened on deadline day made Arsenal fans all the more giddy in anticipation of the season to come.

3. Fernando Torres to Chelsea -2011

In Torres’ first season with Liverpool, he scored 24 goals in EPL play. During his entire stint with Chelsea, he only managed 20 EPL goals. Rare is it that in-form strikers are sold to premier league rivals in the January transfer window. Liverpool couldn’t turn down a £50 million deal.

With that cash, Liverpool went out and broke their own transfer record by signing Luis Suarez whose £22.8 million fee was then broken three hours later by Andy Carroll’s £35 million arrival.

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