Being an iconic footballer means an individual needs to set an off the field example and be a role model in society. However, a number of footballers have had some embarrassing moments after getting drunk.

5. David Luiz

Alcohol can easily get into the Luiz’ head as we saw during the Champions League final celebrations in 2012. He appears full of life and can easily get out of hand. Teammates have claimed that he can dance, sing, show some samba skills when he’s had a few sips from the bottle.

4. Nicklas Bendtner

After Arsenal’s exit to Bayern Munich in the 2014 Champions League final, internet’s most trolled player, Nickolas Bendtner, reportedly targeted a taxi driver in Ryesgade, Copenhagen.

It was said that he removed his trousers and rubbed himself up against the side of the taxi. The 26-year-old then allegedly whipped the cab with his belt and called the poor cab driver a “little wh*re”. He was so concerned that he called the police.

3. John Terry

Chelsea womanizer John Terry, as everyone likes to call him, has always been the man when it comes to generating “off the field” headlines. Whenever a woman is mentioned in football, Terry’s memes have been overly used. But how does the alcoholic Terry fare amidst all the scandals?

To start off, a drunk Terry’s traits are public urination, brawling, serial philandering and regular displays of boorishness. The veteran defender was also accused by a Russian heiress of trying to lure her into bed under the nose of a boyfriend. Well, a drunk Terry did a Terry again.

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