Some football stars will make it easy to hate them. It doesn’t matter what these players do, you still do not like them. And then there are these players, that even the opposition will only manage to respect. Down is listed five footballers who make it hard to hate them.

5. Ngolo Kante

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Cette saison 2015/2016 restera particulière pour moi. Elle s'est terminée par une finale de l'Euro2016 perdue mais dont nous pouvons être fiers. La solidité de notre groupe et le peuple français nous ont porté et je tenais à leur dire MERCI. J'ai également découvert la Premier League grâce à @lcfc. Je tiens à remercier les dirigeants, mes coéquipiers et Claudio Ranieri pour cette saison fantastique couronnée du titre d'Angleterre. Leur confiance et celle des supporters resteront à jamais gravées dans ma mémoire. Et je tiens à tous vous remercier. A l'aube de la saison 2016/2017, j'ai donc fait le choix de rejoindre le club de @chelseafc. C'est un grand club, qui vient de recruter un grand coach et qui souhaitent renouer avec de grandes ambitions. Le projet du club et le discours du coach m'ont convaincu de tenter cette nouvelle aventure. J'ai maintenant hâte de découvrir mon nouveau club et de tout donner pour réussir ! Malgré la joie de cette bonne nouvelle pour moi, je ne peux m'empêcher d'avoir une pensée sincère pour toutes ces familles victimes de l’attentat du 14 juillet à Nice / The 2015/2016 past season will remain as an important season for me. After a fantastic season, It ended with a final of Euro2016. We lost, but we can be proud. The fervor of the French people have given us strenght and I wanted to say THANK YOU ALL. Of course it has to be appreciated according to the attack that struck in Nice in July 14th and I have at this point a sincere thought for all the victims and their families. This season, I also discovered the Premier League with @lcfc. I want to thank the leaders, my teammates and Claudio Ranieri for this fantastic season that saw us winning the title of England. Their confidence and also the fan's will forever remain in my memory. And I again thank you all. At the beginning of the new season, I chose to join @chelseafc. It is a great club, which has just recruited a great coach and want to reach high ambitions I share. The club's project and the coach's speech have convinced me to join this new ambitious adventure. I am now waiting to see my new club and give everything for a successful summer… And season of course!!

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Ngolo Kante, humility itself, is almost every fan’s favorite. So many Reasons to love him. Mainly, he’s ridiculously hard-working; doesn’t chase fame; only has one hairstyle; basically came to nowhere and made a Leicester miracle possible. He is just… well, he is just Ngolo Kante.

4. Marcelo Vieira

Can we forget the pranks and all the crazy things he makes his teammates do, and just talk about the Brazilian enthusiasm? The way Marcelo plays the game, you can tell he loves it but is also extremely determined and motivated.

And this clip just epitomizes the Brazilian, celebrating blocking an Arjen Robben pass with a well-timed slide tackle almost as if his team had just scored a goal. Robben couldn’t help but laugh. You would need a stoned heart to hate Marcelo.

3. Franck Ribery

Ribery is known to be a very forthright and mischievous character, consistently pulling off wild and elaborate pranks on his teammates.

All of which just goes to show that a facial scar does nothing to diminish the image of a man who is dedicated to his craft and humble about his origins. Ribery is a certified star, scar or no scar!

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