Athletes are likely to have physical changes in a short period of time. Having a big, dominating physique is important in modern day football. For some players, it’s hard to recognize them by their old pictures. All in all, here are some 9 players who have undergone a massive physical transformation over the years.

9. Memphis Depay

Memphis is a Dutch professional footballer who plays as a winger for French club Lyon and the Netherlands national team. When he was in Manchester United, his weight increased. But this weight gain was pure muscle and not fat.

8. Alexis Sanchez

Sanchez’s strong shots from distance come from the gym. The aim is to stabilize and strengthen the lower body while moving the upper body to fend off an opponent.

7. Nani

Luís Nani is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a winger for Spanish club Valencia CF and the Portugal national team. People say soccer players can’t be jacked? Nani says otherwise. Fitness can be done by everyone.

6. Mesut Ozil

The gym brings remarkable results for sure. Ozil had zero abs and was known as one of those lazy players who doesn’t like gyms. But look at how his abs transformed today. Practice surely makes perfect.

5. Sergio Ramos

This is Ramos in his first seasons in Real Madrid. Compare him with the recent Ramos and tell me if you don’t see change.

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