For Roma fans, Francesco Totti is the symbol of the Giallorossi, Roma icon. He is even a football icon, the world’s most loyal player of all time. Here are 7 fascinating facts about Francesco Totti. 

7. Totti was set to join Lazio as young, his mother turned it down

Had things taken a different turn, Totti could have actually have been featuring in a Lazio kit. When he was a child, his then-youth team actually had an agreement in hand to sell him to Lazio. But a Giallorossi youth coach, Gildo Giannini, convinced the Tottis to let their son sign up with the Lupi (Roma).

6. Most penalties scored in Serie A

Roma’s most famous player also has another record. Totti has scored most goals from a penalty kick. He scored 71 penalties.

5. He came off the bench to score two goals, at the age of 39

Totti’s brace against Torino on April 20th was the first time in his 24 seasons as a professional that he has netted two goals coming off the bench. And this is at the age of 39. 

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