World Football governing body FIFA unveiled the World Best male and female individual footballers and of course best eleven players in the World. The line-up might not come as a surprise to La Liga fans but Premier League fans will be completely shocked by the selection.

Paul Pogba was in the team in 2016 but after making the move to Manchester United, he is nowhere near it. Stars like Sergio Aguero of Manchester City and Alexis Sanchez of Arsenal had great seasons but according to FIFA that was not good enough.

Ten players came from Barcelona and Real Madrid, with only goalkeeper Manuel Neuer of Bayern Munich coming from the Bundesliga. Juventus right back Dani Alves made the team but he was nominated for his season with Barcelona.

Team Formation: 4-3-3


Manuel Neuer- Bayern Munich


Dani Alves- Juventus/Barcelona

Gerard Pique- Barcelona

Sergio Ramos- Real Madrid

Marcelo- Real Madrid


Luka Modric- Real Madrid

Toni Kroos- Real Madrid

Andres Iniesta- Barcelona


Lionel Messi- Barcelona

Luis Suarez- Barcelona

Cristiano Ronaldo- Real Madrid