You will see footballers thanking everyone that stood for them and helped them get where they are today, and those are (mostly) their parents. However, not all parents fall into this category. Down are some of the footballers who hate their parents.

5. Dele Alli

Dele, 22, is considered English football’s biggest rising star. But while his career has rocketed since leaving home-town club Milton Keynes Dons, his relationship with his parents has completely broken down.

Two years ago he took the decision to drop the ‘Alli’ surname from the back of his shirt because he felt it didn’t reflect who he is. He chooses not to talk about his family much, saying only that it is “complicated”. But he clearly hates his parents.

4. Emmanuel Adebayor

Emmanuel Adebayor revealed he was left feeling suicidal “many times” by his manipulative family. “I felt like killing myself so many times. I kept this to myself for years and years. I am disgusted that things reached this stage, but I feel relieved to have talked about it.”

“I often change my phone number so that my family can’t contact me. They call me, not to ask how I am, but to demand money. That was the case after I injured my hamstring while with Tottenham.

“They rang me while I was having a scan to ask me if I could pay a kid’s school fees. At least ask me first how I am before you do this!”

3. Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli was born in Palermo, Sicily as the son of Ghanaian immigrants. 1993, when he was three, Balotelli was placed in foster care to the Balotelli family. Ideally, they were the force behind Balotelli fame.

In June 2012, he dedicated his goals that put Italy in the final of the Euro 2012 football championships to his foster mother Silvia. He clearly has no room for his biological parents.

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