Footballers enjoy taking pictures with animals. Some take selfies with their dogs, cats, and pets in general. Others like traveling to the parks and zoos to spend some time with wild animals. But only a few are brave enough to lift snakes and pose for a social media post. Snakes hardly find peace with humans. Today, we will take a look at 5 footballers who were caught holding big snakes in their hands.

5. David Beckham

When it comes to fashion and sexy poses, David Beckham can make any woman collapse. Former England captain can also take some risk of holding a snake to make beautiful shots for advertisement. He looked really amazing posing with a snake for a Motorola phone ad.

4. Keiran Murtagh

Boreham Wood’s Keiran Murtagh is also one of those brave footballers enough to hold a scary snake around their necks and pose.

3. Mick McCarthy

It really rare to see someone who has snakes in their home. English pundit, Mick McCarthy, was once caught holding a very big snake. According to the rumors the creature belongs to him and its name is Roy.

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