International football will not be back until March 2019. Football fans love to watch tournaments but nobody likes the qualification process. Next year, the World will enjoy CAF Africa Cup of Nations, UEFA Nations League finals and COPA America. It will not be such a boring summer for the fans. Today, we want to look at the seven most capped families for a single national team in history.

7. Maldini Family- 140 Italy Caps

Italy and AC Milan have seen a lot from the Maldini family. The story began with Cesare Maldini and then son Paolo Maldini took over the mantle.

The father played 14 times for the Azzurri but the son stopped after 126 caps. This means the two played 140 times for the national team. The two played as defenders.

6. Litmanen Family- 141 Finland Caps

Finland football has declined in the last few decades together with Hungary and Norway. However, soccer fans in Helsinki will never forget the Litmanen. The father Olavi Litmanen, a striker during his time played 5 times for his country. However, his son Jari Litmanen, an attacking midfielder, went on to register 136 caps for the national team. He played for Ajax, Barcelona, and Liverpool.

5. Klavan Family- 143 Estonia Caps

Estonia football fans are enjoying the second generation of the Klavan family at the moment. Cagliari Calcio central defender Ragnar Klavan (Formerly at Liverpool) is set to hand over the torch to his son but he is not done just yet. The 30-year-old has already played 124 times for his country. His father Dzintar Klavan only pulled on the national team shirt 19 times.

4. Gudjohnsen Family- 161 Iceland Caps

Gudjohnsen family is no doubt the most popular soccer family in Iceland. The father Arnór Gudjohnsen played 73 times for the national team but the son Eidur Gudjohnsen eclipsed the number with 88 caps of his own. He played for big clubs like Chelsea and Barcelona. The good news for the dad is that the son has also retired.

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