Premier League does not have many old players these days like it was the case a decade ago. There is a new generation coming up and it is pushing out the old guys. In 2017/18 season, West Brom duo Gareth McAuley (38) and Gareth Barry (37) were among the last few standing. However, West Brom was relegated at the end of the season. In 2018/19 season the oldest player will be Brighton & Hove Albion captain Bruno Saltor Grau (37) who extended his current deal for one more year in April. Today, we want to look at six maestros with great goals after turning 38 years in EPL history.

6. Mark Hughes- 38 years & 150 Days

Southampton boss Mark Hughes was a successful footballer during his playing days. He had two great spells with Manchester United but he also played for Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Former Wales forward had three seasons at Chelsea, two at Southampton an Everton but he scored his last goal aged 38 years and 150 days for Blackburn Rovers in 2001/02 season. He lifted several trophies including 2 Premier League titles at Old Trafford.

5. Graham Alexander- 38 years & 183 days

Graham Alexander is a legend in so many levels of the game. He has played in Premier League, Championship, League One and even League two. He became the fourth oldest player to score a goal in Premier League in his only season in the top flight in 2009/10 season with Burnley. He scored his last of seven aged 38 years and 183 days. He returned to his former club Scunthorpe United to become a manager.

4. Stuart Pearce- 38 years & 216 Days

West Ham United immediate former assistant manager Stuart Pearce had a great career too as a player. The England legend scored his last goal for the Hammers in 2001 aged 38 years and 216 Days. He also played for Nottingham Forest, Manchester City, and Newcastle United.

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