European football season continues this coming weekend with mouth-watering fixtures lined-up across the continent. Serie A and Bundesliga will return after almost three weeks of winter break. The other three major Leagues are ongoing. Today, we want to show you how the top five best Leagues in Europe compare when it comes to goals scored per game. Which one is the most entertaining to watch?

5. Spanish La Liga- 2.52 Goals per game

Real Madrid is struggling to score goals this season. This can only be attributed to the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo who averaged 50 goals per season. On top of that, he made players around him play better. Atletico Madrid is another team struggling to score once again this season.

Barcelona does not have goals scoring problems but when other teams are not doing well, the entire League struggles. It explains the poor goals per game average of 2.52. The Spanish top flight is currently the worst for the fans when you consider the five best leagues in Europe.

4. French Ligue 1- 2.59 Goals per game

PSG is no doubt the highest scoring side not only in Ligue 1 but also in Europe. The League leaders have so far netted 53 times so far this season. The good news for the fans is that other teams are scoring too. This explains the reason why the French top division is doing better in terms of goal scoring than Spanish La Liga. The current average stands at 2.59 goals per game.

3. Italian Serie A- 2.62 Goals per game

Italian Serie A is slowly getting back to where the division belongs when it comes to quality. However, the goal scoring department is still not delivering as much as the fans would like to see. The good news is that the championship is actually better to watch as compared to La Liga and Ligue 1. Cristiano Ronaldo arrival means more goals but he can’t do it alone. The current average stands at 2.62 goals per game.

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