Jose Mourinho has had confrontations with his own players for years. The Portuguese manager is now in bad terms with Paul Pogba at Old Trafford. For that, let us look back and see other 7 players who clashed with  Jose Mourinho.

7. Mario Balotelli

Jose Mourinho and Mario Balotelli did not always enjoy the best of relationships. The Italian and his former Inter Milan coach clashed regularly, with Mourinho once describing the striker as ‘uncoachable’. But later in 2015, Balotelli took social media to show some respect to the Portuguese manager.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo

Mourinho and Ronaldo have had an uneasy relationship, despite both being Portuguese and sharing super agent Jorge Mendes. Jose had his reservations about Ronaldo, suspecting he was over-confident. Relations became so strained that Mendes was forced to intervene and tell them to patch things up.

5. Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard was the key player, for the Blues squad who won the Premier League title under Mourinho in 2014/15. But Hazard and Mourinho had a disastrous campaign the following campaign, and the Portuguese manager lost his job midway through the season. According to the reports, Chelsea players, led by the Belgium captain, refused to play at their best so that the manager gets fired.

4. Anthony Martial

Anthony Martial’s relationship with Jose Mourinho has been one of the most strained at United player. It became serious when Martial refused to return to Manchester United camp in the summer after his wife gave birth. The Red Devils manager took media to criticize Anthony, leading to their relationship collapse.

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