Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has finally ended all speculations about his future as the Blues boss, amid suggestions that the Italian could be sacked this summer.

Conte has revealed that his future as Chelsea manager will be decided at the end the current season.

Antonio Conte has said there will be a swift resolution at the end of the season to the ongoing uncertainty over his position as Chelsea head coach. “It is very difficult to comment on speculation because there has been speculation around me from the start of the season, after the first game against Burnley,” Conte said. “This speculation is not important to me because my focus is only to do my work in the best possible way with my players. I am doing this from the start until the end. There are only two weeks and this season will finish, and you will know if there is a different situation or if you see me again next season.” Asked if he would be leaving behind a playing squad in good shape for next season, Conte said: “This is not my task, to tell if I did a good job or if I have a good team for next season or if we are building something important. There is the club and people are able to make judgements about this season and also the situation because we have worked together on this project. I think I am the last person to make a judgement on this season.” Asked if he wished to have a longer period in charge at a single club, he said: “In this decision there are always two parties to take the decision, not only one side. I like to work with my players to build something important but in our job the final result is very important.” #BlueIsTheColour #CFC #CFCFans #CFCFamily #CFCTillIDie #BPL #EPL #PremierLeague #PreSeason #CFCTour #Champions #ComeOnYouBlues #PremierLeagueChampions #ChelseaFC #COYB #KTBFFH #IfItsNotBlueItWillBe #CFCArmy #TheBlues #Chelsea_KTBFFH #ChelseaFans #ChelseaKWT #CFCNews #CFCTransfers #CFCTour #AntonioConte #Conte

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Conte’s future has been into questions following the Blues’ poor run since the beginning of the 2017-18 season.

The Blues, who set to host Huddersfield Town at Stamford Bridge on this Wednesday evening, are still two points behind fourth-placed Tottenham Hotspur.

The Italian manager, whose Wednesday’s match could be his final game at Stamford Bridge, has insisted that his future will be clear this summer.

Antonio Conte said there is “no time to regret” the “stupid” points his Chelsea side have dropped this season as they look to continue their unlikely late push for a place in the top four of the Premier League. “For sure there is a bit of disappointment because this season we dropped many points in a stupid way,” Conte said. “Especially after games when we dominate the game and create many chances but we weren’t able to score more goals and the result was bad for us. We must be disappointed for this but now there is not time to regret because we have to play two games and then the FA Cup [final].” #BlueIsTheColour #CFC #CFCFans #CFCFamily #CFCTillIDie #BPL #EPL #PremierLeague #PreSeason #CFCTour #Champions #ComeOnYouBlues #PremierLeagueChampions #ChelseaFC #COYB #KTBFFH #IfItsNotBlueItWillBe #CFCArmy #TheBlues #Chelsea_KTBFFH #ChelseaFans #ChelseaKWT #CFCNews #CFCTransfers #CFCTour #AntonioConte #Conte

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“I’m very focused on the present, to do the job in the best way for the players and the fans,” he told reporters. “Our job is not simple, it’s not easy. But I’m totally focused on the present.”

“There are only two weeks and this season will finish and you will know if there is a different situation or not. If you see me again next season and we start again from the first game speculating about my future.”

Chelsea still have chances to win a silverware as they will take on Manchester United in the FA Cup final on 19 May at Wembley Stadium.

Conte said: “Do you think it’s easier to chase? I don’t think so. I prefer to stay ahead, for the other teams to have pressure like (when we won the title) last season. In the last 12 games, Tottenham tried by winning 10 games and put pressure on to the end, but we were able to win many matches and keep the right distance to win the title. It’s easier to stay ahead of the other teams, when the situation is in your hands. But we have to put a bit of pressure on them and get three points in every game. The last matches we have done this. We won three away at Southampton, Burnley and Swansea and won one at home against Liverpool. We are doing our job in the best way to put a bit of pressure. Liverpool have the possibility to (qualify) by winning against Brighton and the same for Spurs – they have two at home and it will be enough for them to win and draw because of goal difference.” “We must be disappointed with this, but now is no time to regret. We have to play two League games and then the FA Cup Final. At end of the season we will see.” David Wagner’s men are still fighting against relegation and Conte added: “For sure our expectation is to have a tough game, they are fighting relegation. We must pay great attention. “We have to play another tough game after only two days of rest (after Liverpool). We spent a lot of mental and physical energy, we must be good to recover and find the right solution. We must think we can win the game in 90 minutes, not the way you start. We must be clever.” #BlueIsTheColour #CFC #CFCFans #CFCFamily #CFCTillIDie #BPL #EPL #PremierLeague #PreSeason #CFCTour #Champions #ComeOnYouBlues #PremierLeagueChampions #ChelseaFC #COYB #KTBFFH #IfItsNotBlueItWillBe #CFCArmy #TheBlues #Chelsea_KTBFFH #ChelseaFans #ChelseaKWT #CFCNews #CFCTransfers #CFCTour #AntonioConte #Conte

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The former Juventus boss is reportedly expected to be replaced by either Napoli boss Maurizio Sarri or Monaco’s Leonardo Jardim.

Conte can still qualify his side for the Champions League if he manages to win the two upcoming games and hopes that Tottenham have slipped up.

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