Footballers today have embraced tattoos just like hairstyles. It is normal today to see fine artwork on different parts of their bodies. They will make sure the cameras are watching especially at the end of every match. Today, we want to take a look at six most popular tattoos in the game. There are many others who deserve to be included but the following are up there with the best.

6. Lionel Messi- Hand & Leg Tattoos

Lionel Messi has become a tattoo sensation in recent months. He has a Jesus tattoo on his triceps, a famous Barcelona church, and a rose flower.

“The lotus symbolizes that talent can grow anywhere even with forces stopping it,’’ Messi tattooist Roberto Lopez

“The rose window of the famous Barcelona church Sagrada Familia shows the love he has for the city.”

The Argentine has recently added a new tattoo on his left leg and the artwork relationship can only continue.

5. Dani Alves- Arms and Chest Tattoo

Paris Saint-Germain defender Dani Alves is another example of how tattoos can put you on the map. He was a very close friend of Lionel Messi during his days at Barcelona. So we will not be surprised to learn he is the man who influenced the Argentine. The 34-year-old Brazilian has some good looking tattoos.

4. Gregory Van der Wiel- Neck Tattoo

Toronto FC right-back Gregory Van der Wiel is yet another Dutch star with a heavily tattooed body. The 30-year-old has an iconic neck tattoo that many will certainly like. The former Paris Saint-Germain full-back is rediscovering his football passion in Canada after claiming he had lost the love of the game.

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