6. Midfielder: Zinedine Zidane

Zidane was one of the most graceful and technically brilliant midfielders. Not only did he succeed as a player, but also as a manager. After his retirement, Zizou went on to become Real Madrid manager. He led the club to three consecutive Champions League victories, becoming the first and only to do so in the history.

5. Midfielder: Andres Pirlo

Pirlo is usually deployed as a deep-lying playmaker for both his club and national sides. Thanks to his vision, ball control, creativity and passing ability, Pirlo was so unique. He is one of those players who mostly use their mind than physical conditions.

4. Right-Winger: Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona helped Argentina lift 1986 World Cup. He also won a number of Copa America titles with the Selecao. At the club level, he started off at Boca Juniors then went on to play for Spanish giants Barcelona and Italian side Napoli. Thanks to his supernatural skills, football world consider him as the greatest of all-time.

3. Left-Winger: Lionel Messi

Will Lionel Messi in one’s squad, there is always a strong hope for victory. The Argentinian superstar has won five Ballon d’Or awards and is widely considered the best player of all-time. They call him the ‘Genius’.

2. Striker: Ronaldo

247 goals in 343 league games throughout his career. A Golden Boot award at a World Cup – which he also won – and was once the record goalscorer ever at World Cup finals. How could El Phenomenon forget about himself?

1. Striker: Pele

According to numerous football icons, Pele is the greatest footballer ever. Though he never enjoyed European football like other greats, Pele went widely popular all over the world. You don’t need to know how he looks; you just hear his name mentioned anywhere football goes. Pele scored a total of 77 goals in only 92 caps for Brazil.

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