Cristiano Ronaldo is still the “Don” he has always been; the most famous athlete; most followed athlete; and the highest paid athlete on the planet. Down are other famous celebrities who are fans of Cristiano Ronaldo.

5. Jennifer Lopez

In terms of granting birthday wishes, it’s probably pretty easy if you’re Jennifer Lopez and happen to be a fan and good friends with Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the below video Lopez can be seen with her cousin, Tina Rios when they spot Ronaldo at a nightclub in Portugal. Lopez goes over to Ronaldo, knowing that Rios is a big fan of the Portuguese star, before asking whether he’d give her a hug as it’s her birthday.

4. Rafael Nadal

“I want to congratulate you on the year you’ve had. I consider your drive and desire to improve on a daily basis a fantastic example for the younger generations. Congratulations on a great career. I’m grateful to you,” Nadal wrote to CR7 back in 2014, speaking ahead of the Ballon d’Or ceremony, where Ronaldo won his third.

3. Rihanna

If might fair to say that the feeling here is mutual. Having dated Karim Benzema, Rihanna likes Ronaldo’s style of play. However, Ronaldo can be seen singing some of Rihanna’s Songs as well.

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