Football is a very demanding sport physically. For soccer players to be able to give their best, they also must be in their best condition all the time. It is absolutely normal to get fat especially a player is sidelined for a long period of time. However, coaches will not hesitate to drop a top star if they are not in good shape. It becomes even worse when a player is addicted to food. The more you eat, the harder it is to lose weight. Today, we want to take a look at famous footballers unrecognizable today due to food addiction.

5. Benni McCarthy- West Ham/FC Porto

South Africa all-time national team top scorer Benni McCarthy also retired at the age of 34 because of food addiction and weight problems. The Current Cape Town City head Coach had two terrible years at West Ham and the problem was his eating habits.

The former FC Porto, Blackburn Rovers, and Celta Vigo striker netted 151 goals in 418 matches.

4. Adriano – Brazil

Former Brazil striker Adriano is perhaps a good example of what food and weight problems can do to a career of a footballer. The former Inter Milan man was super talented and he had a natural power to terrorize defenders. However, he just couldn’t control his eating habits. In 2009, aged only 27 years, Milan was convinced his career could not be saved. They allowed him to join Flamengo for free but things did not work there either. He later joined, later joined Roma, Corinthians and finally in 2016 after playing only one match for Miami United, he sadly said goodbye to the game to eat even more.

3. Diego Maradona- Argentina

1986 World Cup hero Diego Maradona is without a doubt one of the best the game has ever seen. The ‘Hand of God’ fame and his trickery on the pitch helped his country Argentina lift the trophy in 1986. He also had a successful career with Barcelona and Napoli. However, his later years were not very good because he struggled with drugs, food addiction, and weight problems. He eventually retired and the belly ballooned even further.

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